Paramount Performance K3

Paramount Performance K3


If you like a little bit more detail than our Performance K2 option, this is our 3 piece flap design. (K3) The mid piece of the flap and the skirt is our premium print bend for longevity and durability.

Pictured here is our Celtic print bend on the shop photo and the buffalo print bend on the horse.

Technical Features:

  1. Lightweight

  2. Custom tree for each horse

  3. Interchangeable external blocks

  4. Soft panel technology

  5. 100% natural wool flocked with premium wool

  6. Premium leather from France and Italy

  7. Full covered design, little to no break in time and super soft leather

Base Colours:

Your base colour can be Black or Brown.
We have 4 brown tones available.
(From lighter to dark: cognac, chestnut, light havana and dark havana.)

Accents options:

This part is the most fun. Our in-house designer will model your own design(s), which is included in the price.
Half-moon, front and back facings, skirt accent, flap accent, welting (narrow piping) around half-moon and on seat, stirrup leather loop, panel top, gullet leather.

Contact us for more details or browse for inspiration in our gallery.

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