Paramount Saddlery to Debut Invictus Protective Pads at RAWF

Paramount Saddlery first in Eastern Canada to carry Invictus® Protective Pads

~ Debuting top-quality, high-performance products at
Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto ~


October 31, 2017Sault Ste. Marie, ON – Paramount Saddlery announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Invictus Equestrian to retail its performance half-pads in Canada. The Canadian custom saddlery will be introducing two Invictus pads at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair (RAWF) beginning November 3 through 12, 2017. 

Invictus Necesse_BasicPad_brown.png

About the Invictus pads

The unique Invictus pads reduce impact energy and stress on the horse, with performance equal to leading memory foam products but at a fraction of the thickness, allowing for better saddle fit. The pads are able to filter out the unwanted impulses coming from involuntary rider and saddle movements. With less confusing signals to deal with, the horse gains confidence, relaxes and allows the back to work and develop correctly within its own integrity.

Three layers of performance materials:

  1. The extremely durable microfibre top fabric is specifically designed to be non-slip.
  2. The D3O® protective layer with the patented intelligent molecular structure is at the heart of the pad.
  3. A 3D spacer textile on the underside of the pad delivers excellent heat and moisture management.

The mid-layer of the pad is what makes it truly unique; it’s made from patented polymer technology – D3O®. The D3O inner layer is made of “intelligent molecules” which makes it a rate-sensitive material: soft, flexible on gentle contact, firm on harder impact, forming a protective shield. D30 technology is used to make materials for use in multiple protective equipment applications, including: motorcycle armour, sportswear, law enforcement and military protective gear, electronics casings, footwear and industrial workwear. 

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Check out this video to learn more about how the Invictus pads harness D3O technology: 

Proven results

Invictus Equestrian has harnessed the power of D3O technology for use in its equestrian products with proven results:

  • 229 percent improved protection value; 4.3 times that of materials of equal thickness (see chart)
  • Comfortable protection that moves with your horse
  • Performs in extreme climates – withstands humidity as well as dry, cold environments
Invictus Performance Graph.jpg

Paramount will be carrying two different products – the standard Invictus Necesse Pad and the customizable Invictus Equality Pad – same sleek design but with pockets to add shims that can adjust fit based on a horse’s unique needs (including inserts). 

“We are so excited about this new arrangement with Invictus,” says Christian Lowe, founder, Paramount Saddlery. “The pads are incredible in terms of their performance and, just as importantly, they make it so riders no longer need to sacrifice protection for saddle fit, or vice versa.” 

“We know our customers care about quality, they want the very best for their horses,” adds Irina Pljusznyin, partner at Paramount Saddlery. “Partnering with Invictus is a smart decision for us; we’re always looking for complementary quality products that will further enhance the rider’s experience and the wellbeing of the horse. Invictus Protective Pads fit the bill perfectly.” 

Paramount Saddlery will carry products for both dressage riders as well as their hunter/jumper customers. The pads will retail for $200 and $225 at the RAWF at an introductory price. (After that $235 and $265.)

“We’ve seen the testimonials from top European riders who have experienced the performance of the Invictus pads and are excited to bring this to riders across Canada,” concludes Lowe.

Paramount Saddlery will be exhibiting at RAWF from November 3 to 12 in the Northern Ontario pavilion. Visitors are encouraged to stop by for a demonstration of how D3O works inside these revolutionary Invictus performance half-pads. 

About Paramount Saddlery

Paramount Saddlery is based in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario with a second location in Baden, Ontario conveniently positioned to help reach all customers whether for saddle sales, repairs or saddle fittings. The custom saddle business has a goal to help riders achieve a comfortable and stable yet flexible position to achieve unison with their horse and to deliver it with their personal style. In addition, each custom saddle is made specifically for the horse by taking measurements to reach optimal fit for freedom of movement and performance. Everyone on the team shares a commitment to quality products and excellent service. 

About Invictus Equestrian

Based out of Bonn, Germany, Invictus Equestrian aims to “do better” – with gear that effectively protects horse and rider to make our sport safer and minimize discomfort for our equine athletes. The company only utilizes the best and most advanced resources for materials and forward thinking design impulses. It is not only the pursuit of perfection that drives the company, but also the will to prove that it is possible to build a brand around core values like fairness, sustainability and – of course –uncompromising quality in every aspect: quality in the materials it uses and the people it works with.