BLOG #1: Welcoming the Paramount Newsletter

by Christian Lowe

Exciting Big News! Welcome to the Paramount Newsletter! 

You might be wondering, in this day of social media, why a traditional newsletter? Well I have strong feelings about that. Social media is one thing. A massive thing. But we don’t have control over it. It could all disappear in just one day. What happens if one day when I have my morning coffee there is no more Facebook? Or Instagram? Twitter, well we don’t do twitter…too much work for me. 

The answer is a newsletter. It’s more personal and I have control over it. No algorithms. No filters. What I share is what you get. You are the VIP and this is the inner circle, it is the hub of all things Paramount. 

You’ll still see us on social media, but this newsletter comes first. Here’s what you can expect from it: We’ll be sending it out weekly. I will announce all my saddle fitting trips here before anywhere else. I will share new product information with you first. I will share saddle fitting tips, and I will have guest contributors share their important equestrian-related tips and information, too. I will also share promotions through our newsletter first, before social media. Why? Because you are my biggest supporters. And you deserve the VIP treatment. 

Thank you for trusting me along the way on my journey with Paramount, and as our brand has evolved. Thank you for your continued support of our Canadian small business. We will keep it small and we will remain approachable as always. We just look better now. 

Now let’s celebrate together! Sign up HERE, and receive only valuable information. 

And if you ever get the feeling that I’m over-loading your inbox, let me know. We are a small business. Who has time for that? Certainly not me…

Paramount Newsletter